- Best Thing - Second Music Video shot in london for "Sykes" on BlackMagic URSA facebook.com/sykesmusic

- Out of your hands - Music Video shot in london for "Sykes" facebook.com/sykesmusic

- Sheela and the Palma Groove Project - Music video shot in one afternoon with canon 550d and "The Palma Groove Project"

- Recording session with Sykes - Short Video of "Sykes" during their recording of "Pack my bags"

- Rolling - 5 minute short, shot on Sony HDV HDR-FX1E, avid edit.

During the year 2006-2007 several “shorts”, including the above "Rolling Away", were shot and edited in a professional learning environment. This was all done within the one year Directing crash course at the MFA (Mallorca film academy) which has moved back to Germany and is now know as MFA ( Münschen Film Akademie) During this year skills were developed in:

• Basics in film Dramatic composition
• The journey of a hero
• Film Genres
• Dialog
• Visual writing and film dynamics

Camera and technical Basics:
• Optics/lenses
• Picture and colour composition
• Lighting
• Microphone types and techniques

Cut and edit:
• Avid post production
• Action and dialog cut
• Sound edit

• Being an Actor
• Working with Actors
• rehearsal techniques
• Chronological Directing

- Short Film "Wake" - Directe by Arik Bauriedl http://www.arikbauriedl.com

During my time in the MFA (Mallorca Film Akademie) we not only focused on directing but also improved our skills infront of the camera. I had the chance to act in serverl different shorts aswell as being on German TV productions as an extra.

Frankenstein remake, Introduction sequence- BBC motion gallery material, edit in Adobe Premiere

A short mix of different BBC motion gallery material, as for the beginning sequence of a Frankenstein remake. Material was acquired through university of Portsmouth and used purely for educational purposes. Sound and video edit with Adobe Premiere. Music bought for educational purposes from www.audionetworkplc.com . Some CG and Frankenstein animation for this trailer/movie remake can be view in the CG Portfolio section.